Why MacOs Has Better Security Features

Learn why MacOs is better than any other operating system!

Why MacOs Has Better Security Features
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Security features are an important part of any operating system, but it's clear from Apple’s marketing that they care deeply about their users' privacy as well.

This makes sense; after all, we live in a time when people have much less patience for hackers trying to get through our personal information or steal our identities!

To say that Apple makes great computers would be an understatement. They're designed to keep you safe on the internet, protect your personal information from being compromised or stolen and give you peace of mind when it comes to security features for both macOS and iOS.

To give you an example, let us tell you that MacOS has better security than Windows 10 because you can't install extensions on your computer without permission (which may be malicious).


And that's not it. Following are the further reasons that answer why MacOs have better security than windows:

  • MacOS offers encrypted disk images
  • MacOS has less malware
  • MacOS has encrypted virtual memory
  • Filevault
  • Application tagging/quarantine

4 Reasons Why MacOS Has Better Security Features


MacOS Offers Encrypted Disk Images

To protect your data from pesky hackers, you can create disk images (files that act as an external drive when opened) with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption using the Disk Utility tool in OS X.

Or if prefer working via command line there's also hdutil which provides similar functionality but has more security flaws due to its simplicity of use.

MacOs Has Less Malware

Macs are safer than Windows because they receive less attention from malware developers and hackers which is one reason why there have been so few infections on a Mac in recent years.

In 2012-2013 only 2% percent of mac computers were infected with viruses or Hammond breaches, as opposed to over 50%.

MacOs Has Encrypted Virtual Memory

Mac OS X is a secure operating system that uses encrypted virtual memory to protect your private data.

The swap file can also be hidden behind an additional layer of security by enabling "Security" and then setting it so only you have access, not hackers or malware on their devices!


The FileVault feature of Apple's operating system helps you keep your documents safe by creating an encrypted disk image that can be used with Time Machine.

This 128-bit encrypted disk image stores all of your settings and documents. Moreover, when it is used with Apple Time Machine, backups are also encrypted!

Application Tagging/Quarantine

Mac OS X has an innovative application tagging system that allows users to keep track of what applications are being used on their computers.

When an app or file containing executable code is downloaded from the internet, it gets tagged with information about both when this occurred and who downloaded them (the tag remains even if part way through installing).

The macOS will display these details upon the first run thus allowing you as a customer to decide whether or not to allow usage for each item shown within your quarantine settings page!

The Bottom Line

Steve Jobs did a great job at offering fool-proof security from the very beginning.

And to your surprise, the company is still offering the same quality security services which make the brand worth buying from. kWe hope you now understand why macOS has better security than windows.