Top 5 Differences Between iPhone 14 & 13

Looking for top differences between iPhone 14 and 13? Here’s how Apple’s latest iPhone is better than the previous model - iPhone 13.

Top 5 Differences Between iPhone 14 & 13
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In the recent Apple’s Far-Out event, the company launched the new iPhone model named the iPhone 14. Since then, people are going crazy over the new phone (including me).

However, there are some people who want to know if there are any differences between iPhone 14 and 13 or not.

Let’s conduct a quick comparison of both the iPhones below and find out the differences.

Differences Between iPhone 14 & 13 in a Nutshell

Here are the main differences between iPhone 14 & 13:

  • Similar design but iPhone 14 is thicker
  • iPhone 14 main camera has a large sensor
  • iPhone 14 front camera has AF
  • iPhone 14 has a faster GPU
  • iPhone 14 has longer battery life
  • iPhone 14 uses stabilization in action mode video
  • New features including SOS via satellite and crash detection

In-Depth Analysis of the Differences Between iPhone 14 & 13

This section conducts an in-depth analysis of the main differences of iPhone 14 & 13 including:

  • Design & Display
  • Performance
  • Camera
  • Battery Life

Continue reading to learn more about these differences.

Design & Display

The design and display of iPhone 14 & iPhone 13 are almost identical. The only significant difference is that iPhone 14 has a larger screen size, with a resolution of 6.1 inches, whereas iPhone 13 has a resolution of 5.5 inches (diagonal).

The main difference between the two is the new "Retina XDR Display” that Apple introduced in their most recent models. This means that the screen will be more responsive to touch and is brighter than previous models.

And the iPhone 14 also has the ceramic shield on the back which is tougher than any smartphone’s glass.

Lastly, the iPhone 14 is available in  5 colors:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Midnight
  • Starlight
  • Red


The iPhone 14 has the same A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 13 uses. But there is an updated internal design that improves thermal efficiency and makes the iPhone 14 work longer without heating up.

This might be a disappointment for many users. However, keep this in mind the iPhone 14 does improve the graphics up to 20% and has 5-core GPU that powers all the features of the smartphone.


The iPhone 14 has an advanced ultra-wide camera, which is great news. Though other features of the camera are the same as the iPhone 13, all models of the iPhone 14 have this Photonic Engine.

The iPhone 14 also upgrades to a large sensor size having the same 12 MP resolution which is paired with a faster aperture of f/1.5.

Apart from that, the iPhone 14 and other new models have a new autofocus in front camera. Plus, there’s a new Action Mode which acts like a gimbal and helps stabilize when running while making video.

Battery Life

The battery life is mostly the same. In iPhone 13, Apple had already made a huge jump in increasing the battery life.

But that doesn’t mean this year’s phone has no improvement. It does and it is that the iPhone 14 will last 16 hours for video streaming (iPhone 13 used to last for 15 hours).

And when it’s in audio playback mode, the iPhone 14 lasts for 80 hours. The iPhone 13 used to last for 75 hours. So, yes! Battery life has improved but not too much!

New Features

Apple has also launched two new features of SOS via Satellite and Crash Detection.

Both of these features help in sending messages when stuck in an unprecedented situation.

For example, your car crashes. Your iPhone will also fall down which will automatically call your emergency contact and help save your life.

The same is the case with SOS satellites. If you are stuck somewhere where there are no signals, you can send your message through SOS satellite.

Quick Specs Comparison of iPhone 14 & iPhone 13


iPhone 14

iPhone 13


172 g

174 g


6 GB

4 GB


A15 Bionic

A15 Bionic

Front Camera

12MP with AF, f/1.9

12MP Front with FF

Rear Cameras

12MP Main (1X),

26mm f/1.6

12MP Ultra

(0.5X), 13mm 


12MP Main (1X),

26mm f/1.6

12MP Ultra

(0.5X), 13mm 


Battery Size 

3,227, mAh or larger

3277 mAh

Charging Speed

20W wired charging

15W Magsafe wireless

20W wired charging

15W Magsafe wireless


from $800 for 128GB

price dropped to $700 


In the end, I can't say that anything about the design or display of iPhone 14 is any better than the design and display of iPhone 13. It's a subjective choice—you may prefer one over the other, but you're not wrong for doing so.

So what do you think? Which difference is your favorite? What do you love about the latest iPhone 14? Let me know in the comments!