This Week’s Top Stories: What Does The New iPhone 14 Look Like!

Sorry to burst the bubble! But according to most resources, Apple is going to use the same iPhone 12’s design this year too. Yet, there might be a few changes in the iphone’s notch, display, colors, etc.

what does the new iphone look like?
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Apple is launching its latest iphone 14 in a few days now. And every Apple geek, right now, is concerned about what the new iPhone looks like!

One thing that I’m sure about is that the new iPhone 14 looks no different than the previous iPhone 13.

Sorry to burst the bubble! According to most sources, Apple is going to use the same iPhone 12’s design this year too. Yet, there might be a few changes in the iPhone’s notch, display, colors, etc.

Let’s dive deeper into these ‘potential’ upgrades below!

What Does the New iPhone 14 Look Like?

As per some leaks and rumors by different resources on Google & Twitter, you will see the following changes that will determine how does the new iPhone look like:

  1. Two-New Colors
  2. No Notch
  3. Always-On Display

Two-New Colors

Most people are wondering that in what colors will the iPhone 14 come in. Here's the answer.

According to Apple Hub’s tweet, the new iPhone 14 will have two-new colors: Purple and Blue.

While there was a rumor back in April that the iPhone 14 will have a new purple color, the blue color wasn’t predicted.

But in recent news, some people are saying that the new blue color will also come out in the latest iPhone.

It is also rumored that the new blue color will be different from the ones that are previously available: Siera-Blue and Pacific-Blue colors.

Regardless, these are all rumors at the end of the day and we’ll get to know what colors are actually going to be on the launch day! Not too long to go now.

No Notch

No notch is the biggest change that the iPhone 14 might have if the rumors are true!

It is expected that the notch cutout present on top of the screen will transform into pill and hole-punch cutouts.

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And to fill the gap between these two cutouts, Apple will add display privacy indicators that will appear as green and orange dots.

These indicators will give the notch a pill-like display on the new iPhone 14.

Here's the visual depiction of the pill-like display by AppleTrack:

If you want to see how the pill-like display will look like in your phone, refer to Ian Zelbo’s tweet.

Always-On Display

Earlier today, I saw this tweet by Apple Tracks that shows what might the new iPhone 14 look like when switched off:

And when I researched about it, I found out that MacRumors is spreading the same news. So, the upcoming iPhone 14 might have this new display feature known as Always-On Display.

Furthermore, it is also expected that the iOS 16’s lockscreen will be able to interact with the new iPhone 14’s Always-On Display by adding depth effect to the colors of lockscreen’s wallpaper.

Wrapping Up

I hope that your query about 'what does the new iPhone 14 look like' has been addressed.

However, I’d still advise you to wait until the launch day comes, before making any upgrading decisions. We'll be reporting on the latest updates to the device as and when it gets released, so watch this space!

That said, if you have any questions, drop them down in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon!