Siri Not Talking On iPhone 13 - Top 9 Fixes

You feel devastated if your PA (Personal Assistant) doesn't show up. The same goes for Siri. If it doesn't work out right, most people might not be able to complete their tasks on time in this work from home age.

Siri Not Talking On iPhone 13 - Top 9 Fixes
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You feel devastated if your PA (Personal Assistant) doesn't show up.

The same goes for Siri. If it doesn't work out right, most people might not be able to complete their tasks on time in this work from home age.

If this isn't you, I know that I definitely can’t work when Siri is not talking back on my iPhone 13. That is because it saves me a lot of time by working on my voice command.

So what happened was, when I was working last week, I asked Siri to turn off my phone’s dark mode. And she didn’t respond!

I asked again but nothing. I couldn’t even see her written response until after I juggled with Siri settings. But, it still didn’t speak up.

It got me worried because Siri not talking back on iPhone 13 is not a good thing for me as an online creator. I perform all my work on my mobile - so that was a real issue for me.

Anyhow, I gathered myself up and did some research on Google. And discovered that something was off with my settings - which I then set up right and Siri began working like before.

So, if you are also going through a similar situation, my research might help you out.

I have mentioned some potential reasons for Siri not talking back on your iPhone and their solutions below. Have a good read!

Siri Not Talking Back On iPhone 13 - Find Out Why?

In my research, I found many reasons that cause Siri to stop responding. I have mentioned those reasons along with solutions below that you can check and understand what it is that makes Siri to not talk back in iPhone 13.

‘Hey Siri’ Might Be Off

‘Hey Siri’ is one of the most popular features on the iPhone. It's a great way to access your phone and get quick answers when you need them.

But if you're not getting responses from Siri, the number one possibility is it’s turned off from your settings. So to make sure Siri talks back to you, you need to do this:

Settings > Accessibility > Siri > Tap the Always Listen for “Hey Siri" button

Siri not talking iphone 13
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In most cases, it happens that this button is turned off and people are not aware about it. So, you can check if it works for you!

Siri Responses Might Be Off

The next possibility can be that the ‘Siri Responses’ in your settings might be disabled. To turn them on, you need to follow these steps:

Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Responses > Prefer Spoken Responses

Siri not talking iphone 13
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Making these changes will enable Siri to always reply to you even when the ring switch is turned off.

Siri Volume Might Be Down

Apart from iPhone’s volume settings, Siri also has volume settings that you can adjust while you speak to Siri.

When Siri is speaking, you can change volume by side buttons. Or else, you can also ask Siri to speak softer or louder.

Siri not talking iphone 13
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Microphone Malfunction

Sometimes, your microphone might also be the reason for Siri not working properly.

If your iPhone's microphone has been damaged, Siri won’t be able to hear you properly and might not reply as well.

You need to clean the microphone or get it checked by a repairman to make Siri talk back on your iPhone 13.

Quick Tip: You can clean your microphone with a super soft toothbrush.

Apple’s Server Might Be Down

It is not a common cause, but Apple's server may go down at times.

And if it does, Apple usually announces that in the Support System page to make sure their customers know if the server is down.

If the server is actually down, you will then just have to wait for Apple to fix the issue for you.

What Else Can Be Done To Make Siri Talk Back?

Apart from ways mentioned in the above heading, you can also try the following tips to solve the ‘Siri not talking in your iPhone 13’ issue.

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting one’s phone helps solve many problems. When Siri is not working, try to restart your iPhone 13. It might work.

You can turn off your iphone 13 pro max by pressing the volume up and power button altogether.

Check Your Wifi

Siri relies on the internet to talk with you. If your Wifi is not working properly, it might cause Siri to stop talking. So check it out.

Don’t forget to ensure that your network and/or cellular connection is also working properly.

Turn Off Low Power Mode

When you turn on your low power mode, some apps including Siri don’t work to save the power. To make it work, you will have to turn off your low power mode and give it another try.

Ask Siri to Unmute Itself

Most times, Siri gets muted which can causes Siri to not to talk back to you on an iPhone 13. You can ask Siri to unmute itself so it can talk to you.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. I hope your problem of ‘Siri not talking on iPhone 13’ has been solved by now.
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