How To Add Widgets To Mac Desktop Using WidgetWall

Add widgets to your mac desktop and make it look more organized!

How To Add Widgets To Mac Desktop Using WidgetWall
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Getting a reliable widget is your first step to making your Mac beautiful and well organized. MacOS comes with a dashboard from where you can customize your widgets.

If you are wondering how to organize your Mac using widgets or looking for the best widgets for Mac, you are in luck.

This post covers customizing your macOS using WidgetWall, a reliable and incredible third-party app with amazing widgets to match your taste and needs.

Take a look!

How To Use WidgetWall To Add Widgets To Your Mac

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Are you happy with the current state of your widgets on your Mac, or do you want a better way of arranging the widgets?

On a macOS, the widgets are accessible from the edge of the trackpad, but you may, sometimes, find their visibility a challenge.

In this case, your best alternative is a third-party app, WidgetWall.

WidgetWall is a new third-party app but its features make it a worthy option. Besides, the beautiful widgets that it offers are hard to keep away from.

Some of its features include:

  • Photo Widgets: It lets you display photos on your Mac's desktop as widgets.
  • Easy Customization: it is easy to use and will allow you to effortlessly change the sizes, colors, and shapes of your layout.
  • Desktop Overlay: It makes it easy to add widgets for quick access to websites, apps, and data. You can add a widget of your favorite website on your screen and get instant access to it.
  • Multiple Widgets: The cool thing is that you can have various widgets of the same thing. For instance, you can add several clock widgets and customize each separately.

Here’s How You Can Use WidgetWall

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The steps are mentioned below:

  • Download and install WidgetWall on your Mac. You can choose to start the free trial or subscribe at $9.99 yearly.
  • Open the WidgetWall app. You will notice that it automatically adds some widgets to your desktop.
  • Start by customizing the added widgets by right-clicking on them.
  • Next to the WidgetWall's screen, click the Menu Bar icon.
  • A list of widgets will show. Click on the one you wish to add. For instance, you can choose the stats widget, which displays your RAM, CPU, and storage.
  • Customize the widget's size and add it to your desktop by clicking the + icon on the widget.
  • By default, the widgets will get placed from the left of your screen. Click and drag them to your desired position on the desktop.
  • To further customize a widget, right-click on it to see the available customization option and then tweak them to your preference.
  • That's it! You now have a means of organizing your Mac using widgets.

Final Words

So far, WidgetWall has proved to be the solution for customizing widgets on the Mac. The app is easy to use and customize while the widgets it offers are incredible.

The default widgets offered by macOS are not the best, and when you get a chance to use a better one to customize your Mac, you should take it.

We hope you enjoyed reading about WidgetWall. Comment down if you have any queries.