Are iPhones More Secure Than Android Phones?

Learn which device is more secure: iPhone or Android!

Are iphones more secure than android phones?
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Are iPhones more secure than Android phones? This is a question that many people ask and the answer may surprise you.

While iOS is one of the most restricted phone operating systems in the world, it is also one of the most secure. The reason for this is that iOS doesn't allow you to download apps outside of the Apple App Store.

This may seem like a negative, but it actually eliminates a lot of potential security threats.

In contrast, Android allows you to download apps from any source, which can be a major security risk. So, if security is your main concern, an iPhone may be the better choice.

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Here’s How iPhones Are More Secure than Android Phones

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The iOS system is more secure because it's a closed source. It doesn't release its code to app developers, which makes finding vulnerabilities on iPhones and iPads harder for hackers as compared to Android.

The latter is an open platform relying upon third-party sources. To make our point more strongly, the following are some points that confirm iPhones are more secure. Give them a read.

Source Code

When it comes to making changes to the source code, Android and iOS are different. For Android, lots of people have access to the source code so that it can be improved.

But this also means that there are more chances for hackers to find security problems. For iOS, Apple keeps the source code private.

This might mean that there are not as many ideas for improving security, but Apple is the only one who can make changes so it is more secure.

App Store Vs. Google Play

Which one is safer: Google Play or App Store? Let’s find out.

Android is open-source, which means that developers do not have to strictly scrutinize the apps they put on the Play Store.

Any app can be uploaded to the store as long as it has a manifest file with its metadata. However, iOS’ App Store is closed source which makes it difficult for hackers and even developers to know about the apps downloaded.

Therefore, we call Android's Google Play Store less safe than iOS' App Store.

Location Tracking & Network Traffic

There are some apps that can track your network traffic and see which websites and apps you visit. They also track what you like.

Location data is another thing that these apps can use to show you ads that are tailored just for you.

But this isn't the only thing that can happen. Cybercriminals might also use this information to put malware on your device or hack your accounts online.

Even though this has been a problem for a while, there are features in iOS 12 that help protect users' privacy.

These features have been around for a while, but they've been improved in the latest version of iOS.

However, there is no such protection in Android phones which eventually make them less safe.

Enticing/Less-Enticing Target

Android carries more mobile gadgets when we compare to iOS.

Apple powers fewer gadgets which makes it less enticing for hackers. Android guarantees more hacks.


Apple has more rigorous security protocols in place than Android. The company is stricter about which apps are approved for their store making iPhones little or less vulnerable to malware and viruses.

When it comes to Android phones, they are less expensive but this comes at the cost of decreased security.