9 Best Shortcuts For iOS Shortcuts App 2022

Save time and automate your iOS devices using Siri shortcuts.

9 Best Shortcuts For iOS Shortcuts App
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The Apple Shortcuts app is no less than a savior for people who are in a time crunch and looking for ways to cut corners. You can make your desired shortcuts in the app and automate your actions making it a fun and time-saving experience.

Let’s say you need to send a ‘Good Morning’ message to your partner every day but you are always in a hurry early in the morning.

You can set up a Siri shortcut on your Shortcuts app and ask Siri, ‘Siri, send a Good Morning text to Sara.’ Or else, you can set up a ‘Say Cheese’ shortcut to click a hands-free photo.

Sounds fun, right?

It is more fun when you set up multiple widgets and save time.

Here are the best Siri shortcuts for the iOS shortcuts app 2022 that can experiment with and perform your app actions in the blink of an eye:

Home Directions

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If you can’t remember your way back home from the office or any other location you are at, you can simply add your home address to Siri shortcuts.

Thus, whenever you need directions to arrive home without wasting so much, ask Siri for ‘Home Directions’ and it will take you home timely and safely.

Here’s how you can add home directions:

  • Go to shortcuts app
  • Click on plus + icon
  • Name the shortcut
  • Click on ‘Add action’
  • Search for ‘Maps’
  • Click on ‘Show Directions’
  • Add home location to the destination area
  • Add it to home screen

Airdrop The Recent Screenshot

You can create a shortcut of ‘Airdrop Screenshot’ to send your recent screenshot to other devices or your family etc.

If you find no devices on the airdrop, you can choose iMessage or another sending option appearing on the screen.

Click a Hands-Free Photo

When you want a wide-angle photo from your iPhone but can’t click on the phone, you can ask Siri ʼSay Cheeseʼ as it will take a snap right away! This integration is a really fun way to grab a snap without using your hands.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Siri Shortcuts
  • Add the shortcut named as ‘Say Cheese’
  • Add action of “Take Photo”
  • And add it it to your homescreen
  • You are done
Caveat: The feature is not completely functional on all iOS 12 devices.

One-Tap Call To Your Partner

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In iOS devices, there is this option of Speed Dial. It enables you to call your partner at one tap on the shortcut.

You can create the Siri shortcuts on your iPhone's Shortcuts app which will appear as an app tile on your home screen.

The best part is you can also customize the app tile by adding a photo and name of your partner.

Steps to follow:

  • Visit Shortcuts App
  • Add shortcut of calling Sara
  • Add to homescreen

Share Your Current Song

When you are listening to your favorite song and want to share it with your friend or partner, you can simply ask Siri, ʼMessage this songʼ and it will show contacts and share it right away!

This is one of the very cool Siri shortcuts for IOS as you can share what you are listening to right away!

Set a Countdown For a Special Day

Let’s suppose your spouse’s birthday is coming up and you don’t want to forget it. Apple shortcuts can help you in this as well. What you need to do is set up a countdown that updates you every day until it's their birthday.

This way you would never forget the special days of your friends or family’s lives!

Whether it's a night out party, anniversary, or a birthday, Apple shortcuts will update you and allow you to send messages to your friends as well!

Share Location

Sharing location is a great shortcut when we think of it from a safety viewpoint. You can ask Siri to share your present location, and it will send it to the chosen contact iMessage.

Find A GIF In Seconds

If you want to quickly send a fun GIF to your social network or friends via inbox, you can create this shortcut of Search GIPHY and Share.

It will allow you to find the exact GIF you want and send it to your chosen contact.

You can simply tap the shortcut tile, enter the word/phrase, and voila! You will see plenty of GIFS that you can send away!


  • Visit Shortcuts app
  • Click on ‘Sharing’
  • There you will see the option of “Giphy”
  • Click on that and add to homescreen

Silence Your Phone

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If you are in a place where you can’t afford any kind of noise such as an office meeting or a funeral, you need to silence your phone quickly when you receive multiple calls or messages.

What you can do is ask Siri to silence your phone and it will set your volume up to zero.

The Bottom Line

Though some of the above-mentioned best Siri shortcuts for your iPhone do not represent much time saving, they are good to have as it's cool to have widgets like these.

Not to forget, there are some pretty cool widgets as well that save your time and help you be more productive.

We hope you liked the above-listed Siri shortcuts for your iphone on the Shortcuts app and enjoyed the blog. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.