9 Amazing Facts About iPhone

If you are an iOS fan, you need to learn these amazing facts!

9 Amazing Facts About iPhone
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Technology keeps on changing and evolving, but even the newest new things we have are based on a lot of what came before.

Even when it seems like things are completely different, there is still a sense of familiarity with the old.

Apple has sold more than 1 billion iPhones to date. It is a spectacular success for the company.

Multitasking, plenty of storage, a plethora of apps, and the new iOS15 features make it the most advanced smartphone available today.

But is there more to love with your iPhone? You betcha!

Do you know what are the iPhone's hidden features? How about these weird iOS tricks? Who is behind the voice of Siri? All of these questions are answered in this blog.

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Here is the list of 9 amazing facts about the iPhone:

  1. iPhone is the 1st phone to introduce secured Face ID
  2. The iPhone is not the 1st smartphone
  3. The ‘i’ in iPhone stands for internet
  4. In iPhone ads, it's always 9:41 AM
  5. ‘Purple’ was the codename of the iPhone
  6. Starbucks got pranked with the first iPhone call
  7. Secret ‘Field Test Mode’ on the iPhone
  8. iPhone can listen to your conversations
  9. Siri is voiced by a real person

Details of these facts are mentioned below. Therefore, stick to the blog till the end.

Here Are Top 9 Amazing Facts About iPhone

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I've been using iOS devices for years which made me think I know everything about the iPhone and the iPad. But that’s not true.

After doing some research, I learned some interesting fun facts about the iPhone. I’m sure you will love them too. Let’s dive into them.

iPhone Is the 1st Phone To Introduce Secured Face ID

Face ID is a new technology from Apple that makes it possible for your iPhone to recognize your face.

It does this by creating a 3D map of your face, which is more secure than an image-based system (which is what Android devices currently use).

With Face ID, only you can unlock your phone. If someone else tries to open it with their face, it will reject them because the system knows it's not you.

Such security makes it much harder for someone else to access confidential information on your phone.

This technology is not new though; it’s been around since 2002. The only difference is that now it’s more advanced and works even in the dark.  

It doesn't matter how you hold your phone when unlocking it or paying for something online (using Apple Pay).

iPhone Is Not the 1st Smartphone

The first smartphone was released in 1994. It was called Simon, and it featured a touchscreen, email capability, and a few built-in apps like Calculator and a sketch pad.

Simon was designed by IBM. This device went on sale in 1994, so it's widely believed to be the world's first smartphone.

However, did you know that Cisco Systems had also been working on a similar product?

They'd registered the trademark for "iPhone" before Apple released their version of this device.

They even sued Apple for referring to its smartphone as an iPhone! But both companies soon entered negotiations and agreed on ownership of the name.

The ‘i’ in iPhone Stands For Internet

The letter ‘i’ is the key to understanding what Apple products are all about. It appears in every single Apple product name, from the iPhone to the iMac and even the iPad.

But what does it mean?

Steve Jobs explained about ‘i’ when he introduced the iMac in 1998. He mentioned that the letter stood for the word ‘Internet’ as it was a new concept for many people at that time.

However, Steve Jobs, later on, clarified that ‘I’ stands for 'Individuality.'

His explanation makes sense when you consider different types of Apple devices —each one designed with its own unique feature set.

In iPhone Ads, it’s always 9:41

Have you ever noticed that all iPhone images, ads, etc contain 9:41 as time?

Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone at 9:42 AM in 2007 in San Francisco, California.

This is the reason all ads and marketing material for iPhones carried the time 9:42 am.

Nevertheless, when he released the iPad, the time was 9:41 which is why all products are now set to 9:41 when turned on for the first time.

‘Purple’ Was the Code Name of the iPhone

The iPhone was first code-named “Purple” while it was being developed because it was a secret project.

Its code name needed to be something that could be written on a whiteboard without raising any suspicion.

The name came from the color of the prototype and is also a reference to Purple Rain, a 1984 film starring Prince.

Apple developers working on the project were housed in a dormitory called “Purple Dorm,” and this nickname has stuck with them ever since.

Starbucks Got Pranked With the 1st iPhone Call

Have you ever been the victim of a prank call? It's not fun, but it can be hilarious if you're on the other end of the line.

In 2007, Steve Jobs made a prank call to a nearby Starbucks and ordered 4,000 lattes—just to see what would happen. He immediately canceled it.

The cancellation was probably a good thing for the poor barista who had taken the call.

Secret ‘Field Test Mode’ on iPhone

Among other amazing facts about the iPhone, this one’s the best. If you've ever wondered what's going on behind the scenes of your phone, there's a secret field test mode that gives you access to a lot of information.

You can access it by dialing *3001#12345#*.

There are several different options in the field test mode, including:

  • Information about the status of your phone, including battery and carrier information
  • Info about your cellular connection (including signal strength and network type)

iPhone Can Listen To Your Conversation

Your iPhone has the ability to listen to your conversations. That's right—your phone can hear you, and it wants to help.

The feature was first introduced in 2016, and it uses the microphone on your iPhone to distinguish between background sounds and speech.

It helps the iPhone to recognize your voice and help you make calls, send texts, ask questions, and monitor your gadget.

Thus, it is safe to say that your phone is listening to you through the device's microphone.

Siri Is Voiced By a Real Person

Did you know Siri is voiced by a real person? Yes, that’s true. In 2005, the voice was recorded by Susan Bennett.

She, herself, accepted that she is the voice of Siri on Apple devices.

Though Apple didn’t comment on it, other sources confirmed that it's Susan including forensic experts.

The Bottom Line

Though the iPhone was released 12 years ago, it is still the market’s best smartphone that introduces advanced features in every launch.

The software, hardware, and other creatures have always progressed with every new version. I look forward to Apple’s new features in the upcoming models.

That said, I bring this post to an end. I hope you enjoyed learning the amazing facts about your favorite device - iPhone. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.